" />

Sure, it was meta to live-tweet a Biz Stone speech, but that feeling dissapated as he shared some funny stories and, well, offered an alternative vision on what capitalism. Bonus: there's a strong corporate communications message in there.

There's too much to fit into 140 characters, so how about a Storify of the best bits?  My thanks to all the tweeps who captured these moments.

Best of @biz Keynote at #PRSAICON

Storified by David H Rosen · Sun, Oct 14 2012 14:42:54

Oh, you know… Just learning from @biz at #prsaicon during #prssanc @ Biz Stone – PRSA Keynote http://instagr.am/p/Qxue-gr0f7/Steffani Bolhofner
Twitter co-founder @biz is the keynote speaker at #PRSAIcon. Speaks volumes about the state of public relations #bunewmediaCarol Kerbaugh
.@biz calls PR "primordial ooze"of creativity. How awesome is that! #PRSAICONMichael B. Young
Errors are even more important than discoveries #prsaicon according to @bizMark W. McClennan
"You need to be able to accept the humiliation of failure and get through it to achieve success" via @biz #PRSAIcon #PR #twitter #keynoteSarah Boyle
Opportunity CAN be manufactured. @biz What circumstances can you pre-arrange and then take advantage of? #PRSAICONJensen Moore
"Creativity is a renewable resource…create designs that not only appeal to designers, but also corporate." @Biz Stone #PRSSANC #PRSAIconMike Hopkins
"I thought about starting a social network for college students, but threw that idea away." – @biz #oops #prsaicon #prssancMendy Puckett
@twitter’s concept was created to work on the lowest common denomiator – SMS @biz #prsaiconNatalie Bering
Twitter’s not useful. Neither is ice cream. Shall we ban ice cream & all joy? via @biz #prsaiconPete Codella, APR
"Change is not a triumph of technology, it’s a triumph of humanity." – @biz, Co-founder of Twitter #prssanc #prsaiconMendy Puckett
"Twitter is not about us but about all these people around the world doing amazing things" – @Biz Stone at #prsaiconTed Nguyen
"There is compound impact in altruism." -@biz #prssanc #PRSAIConMolly Hetzner
"I think philanthropy is the future of marketing." -@Biz #prsaicon #twitterPRSA’s PR Tactics
"Information is not knowledge." Einstein How do we make a world in which the right info gets to right pp at right time? @biz #prsaiconKelly Davis
Redefine the success metrics of capitalism – financial success, good and joy. @biz #PRSAICONJensen Moore
We’ll drop the social from social media sooner than later. It is just the new way of the world. LOVE THIS! @biz #PRSAIconKaitlin Godbey
"Social media helps you paint a deeper picture of your character." — @biz #PRSSANC #PRSAIconJessica Colburn
"Gone are the days where we say we’re bulletproof; we never make mistakes" – @biz #PRSAIcon @purduePRSSA @prssanc @PRSSANationalAlex Vorndran
The future of PR is going the way of storytelling and narratives. #PRSSANC #PRSAICon @bizBrittany Lavenski
@Biz Stone: “Corp Responsibility” is not a burden. Should be in the org’s engine room to grow and build biz of enduring value. #PRSAICONSteve Krizman

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It's nice to find exactly what you're looking for.  In this case, I sought a book on the strategic use of SEO for the post-Panda age and Lee Odden just wrote it: Optimize: How to Attract and Engage More Customers by Integrating SEO, Social Media and Content Marketing."

Making it clear that this is not another tome on tags, Odden asserts that "Companies are now vying for central positions inside consumer networks" and so it has become "essential…to understand the online information discovery, consumption, and engagement preferences of the people they're trying to reach."

The way to achieve this, he explains, is by seeing optimization not as a series of technical techniques, but a "state of mind" that pervades every department.  Sure, that includes sales, PR marketing and social media. But it's really any division that needs their  information to be found: HR, customer service, internal communications and others.

The most valuable sections to me are those that evolve your perspective on SEO. These include:

  • A hierarchy of strategic questions that help organize and customize best practices at your company
  • A section on metrics with plenty of KPIs to draw on, along with a healthy approach that focuses on objectives within a business goal context
  • The critical nature of upfront research, with Odden comparing it to intelligence gathering before a war 

On the tactical and practical front, he offers:

  • Five types of SEO audits that provide benchmarks to measure against
  • Dozens of tips on how to optimize content of all kinds and social channels (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+)
  • Suggestions for free and paid tools

If, as Odden says, "optimization is a state of mind," then you can consider his book the way to achieve it.

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I'm doing a seminar at PRSA-NY December 12th 17th on how to use LinkedIn for thought leadership. Here's what you'll get by attending!

LinkedIn: 7 Clicks to Thought Leadership in the New Year

As the world's largest online professional network, LinkedIn offers PR pros the most powerful thought leadership engine on the planet.  This workshop will break LinkedIn down to seven key areas, teaching participants how to use LinkedIn to gather intelligence, promote ideas, and advance their organization's point of view.  

Attendees will learn how to:

  1. Create a compelling online profile
  2. Expand your network to the right contacts 
  3. Use your network to reduce information overload 
  4. Engage in conversation using the Update stream, Q&A tools and Group
  5. Create a topic-focused community 
  6. Integrate LinkedIn into your daily routine 
  7. Contribute to the PRSA-NY community via LinkedIn

Register through the link above.  And if there's something speciific you'd like to learn, drop it into the comments below. See you there!

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Cannot resist this linkbait, which is pretty meta since if you look at the fourth panel below…

A visual guide to SEO
Basics of SEO explained in a nutshell Infographic By BloggingPro

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Thanks to the tweeps who caught all these bits of wisdom!



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We know that…

1. Social media signals (FB Likes, Tweets, G+s, comment volume) influence search results;

2. The more signals there are, the greater weight is given to a specific page,

3. Search engines like Google know how pages, topics and clusters of site relate to each other.

So let's say you have two B2B companies that rely on thought leadership to attract clients and talent.  Both have 100,000 employees.  Both have an equally compelling point of view on their industry and an awesome internal communications program that has every employee able to articulate it. 

Company A has takes a "command and control" approach to social media.  It has 10 channels publishing five pieces of original content a day. The content is fully SEO'd and their team rocks at engagement. 

Company B uses the "distributed" model.  It offers social media training, technologies and support to all employees.  Not everyone takes advantage of it, of course.  Some employees don't know or don't care about social media.  But 10% create one channel, let's say a Tumblog.  Another 10% are really enthusiastic, using two channels a day, Twitter and Google+.  That's 30,000 social media channels, each of which gives off an SEO signal when it creates content or links to it.  Just for fun, let's cut those numbers down, and assume that half the people with channels are out sick every day (all those icky keyboards), and half of those who remain have the time and inclination to post.  We're down to 7,500 channels.  

In one 24 hour period

  • Company A does its social media thing perfectly = 50 SEO signals
  • Company B does its social media thing perfectly = 7,500 SEO signals

With search results like Company B's, it won't just be dominant on search, but terraforming it.  That's the kind of influence that changes minds, shapes debates and ultimately gives a company leadership status.  

Quantity truly has a quality of its own. 

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Check out this terrific visualization of the ideas of TED spreading on a single day.  Proof that the combination of great content and a great brand can change the world.

  • Are  your company’s ideas this compelling?
  • Does its legions of employees understand them?
  • Are they trained, equipped and supported to go forth and share them online?

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There’s no way someone could create an infographic that combines my two passions — b2b social media and space (space!!!) — and not have me post it.  Might as well have Matt Smith doing a webinar on SEO.  Thanks, Marketo.


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Pity B2B clients. They’re inundated with vendors who constantly say their people are the best in the industry. WAY better than those other guys down the street.  It can’t be true that everyone is the best, but the only ways to assess who’s better are through signals like a company’s revenue growth, awards, references and, of course, reputation.  Figuring this out with professional services firms is particularly tough, where what the client’s buying, in essence, are people.

But what if there was a way to assess those people — their teams — entire companies — on a skill-by-skill basis?   That day is a good bit closer with the launch of LinkedIn’s new “One Click Endorsement” tool.

As explained in LinkedIn’s blog:

“With just one click, you can now endorse your connections for a skill they’ve listed on their profile or recommend one they haven’t added yet. Think your connection is great at programming AND project management? Let them know!”

So far, this data looks accessible only on an individual basis.  But it’s hard not to see the potential to rank companies at this level.  What a coup for businesses that have focused on recruiting, training and retaining the best.  And what an advantage for the B2Bs that teach their employees to embrace this new tool first!

When you endorse someone, they get an email alert. Here’s what it looks like:
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Salesforce.com’s integration of Radian6 and Buddy Media came to a head today, with the company’s launch of Marketing Cloud, the “world’s first unified social marketing suite.”

But what really catches my attention is the stat behind the news.  As reported by TechCrunch, Salesforce  says that “CMOs will surpass CIOs in spend on technology within the next five years and that social advertising will be the largest growth area of online advertising by 2013.”

This budget growth is about more than the mainstreaming of social media at companies.  It’s also a reflection of the promises social media made — higher revenues, bigger margins, lower costs — being kept.  CMOs and heads of communications are walking into their CFO’s offices with reams of data that say “it worked,” “here’s how much,” and “here’s the return we’d get if we invest X.”  Of course CFOs are willing to spend more.

Now, the fact that this spend will exceed CIO budgets still takes me aback.  But given social’s ability to prove ROI, perhaps none of us should be surprised if the spread between CMO and CIO budget actually widens beyond 2017.

I remember 10 years ago feeling frustrated that PR could never prove its full worth and that my career would be spent trying to justify the value of clips.  These days, it’s hard to overestimate how good things are getting for our field.

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