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David Rosen is Senior Vice President of Digital in Edelman’s Corporate & Public Affairs Practice in New York. Fusing social media, SEO and traditional PR into integrated programs, he helps global companies lead their industries, grow revenues and margins, and protect their reputations. 

After spending the early part of his career leading media relations for financial services, professional services and technology companies, David worked with clients at the forefront of inventing digital strategies for corporate communications. He founded the PR industry’s first Corporate Social Media team, and has helped more than 25 companies build their social media channels, set content strategy, craft employee policies (FINRA/SEC/NLRB), develop multimedia, and upgrade crisis communications capabilities. 

Over his career, David has had the honor of working with organizations such as Amber Alert, Booz Allen Hamilton, Capgemini, Clarium Capital, Coca-Cola, Citi Smith Barney, Dell, Dow Jones Indexes, Johnson & Johnson, and SpaceX. He has also served as a crisis communications spokesman for the American Red Cross and as a board member of the New York chapter of the Public Relations Society of America.

A frequent commentator on how technology changes the way companies communicate, he regularly lectures at New York University and speaks at conferences such as Bulldog, PRSA, and the Business Development Institute. He has published book chapters in "The Future of PR" (2010) and "The Digital PR Guidebook" (2013). His blog, "The B2B Formula," focuses on social media for B2B. His other blog, "Selling Tomorrows," explores how people think about the future and its application in marketing. 

David received his BA from SUNY Buffalo with a double major in Communications and Political Science.

Why B2B Formula?

From search engines to social media to online traditional media, we've finally got the data we need to apply the scientific method to public relations.  The goal of this blog (in addition to having fun talking about B2B social media) is to find PR formulations that deliver predictable, repeatable results. In short, to turn social media into a business science.  If you'd like to join the cause, email me at davidhrosen (at) gmail.

Disclaimer: The comments expressed on this blog are my own and don't necessarily reflect those of my employer. 

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