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At least once a week, a colleague or a client asks me “who else has done X in social media?  Or, “how have companies Y type of situation online dealt with it?”

For the last couple years I’ve been highlighting my way through social media books on the Kindle.  Any time I see a case study I know could come in handy in the future, it gets saved with a note and a few choice keywords.  I then use the desktop app’s search capability to find them when I need to.

Same thing with Evernote, but with stuff I read online.  Any time I see something that a company’s done right or wrong, especially when it comes to responding to something that goes awry, it gets clipped and tagged with “case study” or “crisis.”  There’s even a plugin for Chrome that searches your Evernote database when you’re using Google.  For example, when I go to Google and type in “social media crisis” I get what Google thinks I want PLUS anything I’ve saved in Evernote with those keywords.

This morning I found myself wishing for a way to combine my Kindle highlights/notes with Evernote and found this how-to guide.

At last, one plugin to rule them all!

What tools do you use to keep track of case studies?

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